What, No Snow?

What is a skier to do when it is 100 degrees outside and there is not a patch of snow to be found? Jump on a plane and head south? Chile is wonderful this time of year and I would enjoy a return trip to the Andes. Unfortunately that is not a viable option this summer, career and something called personal finances have managed to get in the way of this plan. Then I started thinking. What happened to my beloved snow?

TJ Bowl

It melted, causing late spring pin-wheels and wet slides. Eventually exposing the underlying earth as it percolated into rock and soil. It gave birth to small creeks, evolving into ever larger rivers. It washed the rock and soil, moving the essence of life along its path across land, all the way to the oceans.

In a mid-summer revelation, like being hit with a falling rock, it all became clear to me. My beloved snow of the Sierra Nevada was now on its way to join the Pacific Ocean. I had once been a diver and it was now time to return to my coastal waters.

Todays recommendation: Leave your dogs in the house on this 100 degree day, find a dive boat and go out to play with Sea Dogs (Sea Lions)!

Sea Lion Head

Seal Lion Camera

Upon my return to the ream of the ocean, I am reminded that these two worlds–mountain tops and under the sea–are quite similar in so many ways. In both environments, certain skills and protective equipment is needed to stay warm and alive and both bring the opportunity of playful interaction. With both I return home feeling recharged and ready for all that life may throw at me.

Snow Play SQ

Snow Dogs

*Nordic Patroller will attempt to spend the remainder of the summer underwater, coming up on occasion to walk in the mountains and search for signs of returning snows. 


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