Taste the Wonder…

2012 ends and 2013 is born–new and fresh.

The arrival of the New Year is both wondrous and a bit frightening. I recall years ago, the birth of my first born, similar emotions. The wonder of all that will be and the fear in my mistakes. Yes, we all make mistakes, but that should always be secondary to the wonder of life itself.

With snow, there is also a balance of wonder and fear. The wonder is the easy part–the crisp air on flesh, the cold contrasting with a body warm from being fit and active. Warm clammy sweat dripping down the spine, yet evaporating quickly in the dry mountain air. Stopping and taking in the grandeur of all–momentarily pausing and soaking in the smallness of life, realizing how fantastic it is. Spotting the fall-line and dropping in–the bliss of cascading into the wonder.

Fear. Mistakes. Both we are cognizant of, as both can result in an early demise. We make a choice to travel in places of grand beauty, to test our resolve against all that life and beyond can offer. Yet, with just one mistake, it all may end.

I am fortunate in that those I have known and lost are relatively few. Yet, this past week , one close to my circle, but not known to me was lost. It is not fear rising above wonder, instead, the reminder that we all will end one day.

My New Years words, not as a preacher, but a kindred being. Be aware. Become informed. Make sound choices. Do not fear life itself and go out and taste the wonder. Share with all the rest.

-Be well


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